Limoncello Trattoria

About us

Trattoria Limoncello, located in the charming setting of the beautiful Nichupté lagoon, offers you not only a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying our delicious selection of Italian cuisine, but also a perfect location for spending a wonderful evening in the company of your loved ones.

Let us take you back to the authentic gastronomic landscapes of the lakes in Italy and offer you some deserved pampering, welcome to Trattoria Limoncello.

With more than 34 years of experience, Grupo Lorenzillo's would like to introduce you to 
Trattoria Limoncello, which offers a perfectly balanced selection of Italian cuisine that is both refined and casual. 
Trattoria Limoncello offers you a dining area with a spacious interior and wonderful views of the lagoon, as well as wide, open air terraces where you can enjoy the spectacular sunset. All this, combined with the delights of our menu, excellent wine selection and the best Italian and contemporary music.